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Dr. Bertagnoli
Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli Talks About the Importance of Motion Preservation for Long-Term Surgical Results
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(ADRs), numbering over 6,000 documented implants combined with prolific research and development, Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli is recognized by medical professionals and patients as the world’s leading and most experienced (over 10,000 surgical spine cases of all types) spine arthroplasty surgeon. Nothing could be more evident of Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's role as the world's leading spine surgeon in that the types of patients who come to him. These patients are world leaders, professional athletes, many medical professionals and people from all walks of life. Also, he teaches spine surgery to other doctors all over the world. He has instructed more than 3,000 doctors from more than 55 countries, along with uncounted consults in major institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic and Cedars-Sinai. He holds 36 patents/co-patents for spinal devices in the field spine arthroplasty.

For patients with exceptionally tough cases, which are the ones that other surgeons refuse to take and where pain medication no longer works, it is good to know that Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli takes many of these cases and successfully treats them. Sometimes these patients are in wheelchairs when they arrive. For a examples please see ==> Five Level Artificial Disc Replacement Case or a Multi-Level ADR Hybrid Case, or a Hangman's Fracture after Artificial Disc Replacement or a Multi-level Fusion Revision Case.

A variety of artificial discs from different manufacturers are available, but only PROVEN, LONG-LASTING and SOUNDLY-ENGINEERED devices are used. SAFETY, as well as offering our patients the latest technology, is his chief concern. Also, other spine arthroplasty techniques are available, such as Coflex and DSS. Only an individualized evaluation can determine the right device and intervention for a patient. Let's get it done right the first time.

His text book Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine: Advanced Techniques and Controversies, which he co-aurthored, is available on Amazon for the general public. Many of his other publications and accomplishments are shown under his name on the upper menu.

For questions about insurance and other matters please click Patient information. PRE-Authorization and PRE-Payment now available with some insurance companies.

Dr. Bertagnoli Patient
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Although Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's patients come from all walks of life and from all over the world, it is noteworthy that many of our patients are medical professionals and many of those professionals come from the United States. Their judgement is noteworthy and certainly should be interpreted as an endorsement of Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's skills. With costs considerably lower than the United States, most people can take advantage of the best medical care in the world for their spine.

Dr. Bertagnoli Patient
Macchu Picchu 14 months After Artificial Disc Replacement

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