Artificial disc replacement is a major component of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli's practice and is the dominant technique in spine arthroplasty (surgery which restores the function of joint). He has done more than 6,000 artificial disc replacement implants (2014) during his career, which is more than any one doctor has done in the entire world. The following videos are amateur videos taken in January of 2009 and in July 2013 are dedicated to every one, who suffers from debilitating back pain and especially to those patients, who allowed us to take this video of their stories.

Doctor videos have been added for informational purposes. A great deal of information can be gleaned from the patient interviews, but the long doctor consultations with Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli and Dr. Fenk-Mayer are especially informative. We also hope that patients will receive some comfort from seeing these videos, because they will begin to realize that they are not alone in their pain and that there are solutions. Many patients post their own videos on YouTube and other sites.

(Written accounts from patients, including medical professionals, are available under Reviews). After viewing you may wish to seek a free evaluation.