Approach to Evaluations

Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli believes that for the best outcome, research and any standard medical procedure must be correctly applied to the unique circumstance of the patient with back pain. Therefore, he with other doctors on his staff extensively examines all patient records, images and pain questionnaires before the patient arrives. To get the best diagnosis and treatment plan possible, sometimes Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli will request more images or other tests before a final diagnosis and treatment plan are made. Although this may seem tedious to some, it is necessary to avoid surprises after the patient arrives. Of course, upon arrival at Pro Spine extensive exams of the patient will take place before surgery.

Differential diagnostic techniques may also be applied to case evaluations, when there is not a clear cut osteopathic source to explain the patient's symptoms and images. Neuropathic, endocrinopathic and myeopathic conditions may co-exist with osteopathic conditions or be the sole source of the patient's symptoms. These things must be understood to best judge which treatment would be the most effective for the patient.