Medical Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli follows the conservative approach to spine surgery, i.e. spine surgery should never be conducted without a clear indication. If there is no clear indication for spine surgery, then conservative non-invasive techniques should be used. Warmth, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, medication and osteopathic techniques are example of non-invasive treatments available at Pro Spine. More aggressive non-surgical techniques such as injections for pain are also available. Because it is often impossible to predict the progression of spine disease, no prophylactic surgery is done, although the patient may request it.

A surgeon should not be limited to one device or one type of intervention, which he/she then tries to employ in all situations. Indeed, it is the patient's condition that dictates the best solution.

As is the case with most European surgeons, Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli performs all his own anterior and posterior approaches to the spine. Surgery is not a tag-team event in Europe, as it is with many surgeons in the US. This allows for a seamless intervention.