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Beginning Tuesday May 27th, 2008 this website began publishing e-mails and letters from patients of Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli. These communications tell the personal stories of his former patients' illnesses and treatments and outcomes. Prior to this website's launch, the stories of thousands of patients were not collected by the Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's administrative personnel. These reviews collected here are from only foreign patients. Most reviews are in English, but because many patients come from all over the world, other languages are represented. The majority of Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's patients are domestic German patients, leaving him accountable to local people and authorities unlike a clinic handling only foreign patients. The vast majority of patients never write us after treatment. They simply go on with their lives. Dr. Bertagnoli Reviews

All testimonials are posted with the expressed permission of the patient.

It is important to note that though many people come to Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli for artificial disc replacement, he often treats many patients with other types of procedures. Also many patients with very difficult spine problems, which other surgeons will not treat, are referred to him.

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