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From One Major Leaguer to Another,

I was directed to visit Dr. Bertagnoli by my doctor here in California, who has watched me for years(he is considered one of the top back surgeons in our country, as he operates on most of the professional athletes). I could have had a multi-fusion 25 years ago and I choose not to so, mainly because my doctor said he did not recommend this until I simply could not function any further in my lifestyle. Many other doctors would look at my x-rays and wanted to do the surgery right away. I was a professional baseball player for 19 years and learned to overcome discomfort and pain to continue my career.

My career ended when I was in a muscle spasm for 3 straight months and I was 38 years old. At that time, I was told that I would have to have the fusions by age 45 if I could last that long. I outlasted this prognoses by fifteen years. Make no mistake, that there were sometimes I wanted to give up, but I never wanted to give in and that is what allowed me wait so long to finally deal with my condition. My condition had severely turned for the worst as I needed all five lumbar discs replaced.

My doctor told me that Dr. Bertagnoli is one of the finest surgeons in the world and he is the only person that he would recommend for me. I found out that there had only been 4 other 5-level disc replacements done previously…a little unsettling to say the least. I am here to tell you, that was the best thing I have done as I have no pain anymore. Yes, I get a little stiff and sore after I have just played 18 holes of golf now or when I have pressed hard in my rehab to strengthen my back, but no PAIN. Yes, I am playing golf.

I cannot tell you when I can remember not having pain and major discomfort. My surgery was just 11 months ago and I have spoken to many people with such conviction if they need a fusion or have serious disc problems, you must give Dr. Bertagnoli a call. I also tell anyone who is thinking about any back surgery, you must be committed to the physical therapy requirements afterwards in order to truly benefit to the maximum. When I get out of bed in the morning now, I do not have to crawl the first few steps, I just get up and walk around!


Doug DeCinces

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