Artificial Disc - Sky Diver

This is the testimonial of Luis Vte. Pimentel.

I am 35 from Valencia (Spain) and had surgery by Dr. Bertagnoli 4 years ago, I use to have back pain almost every day, I even had to spend all the day lying in bed because of the pain.

For 1 year I was trying to find the best solution to my back Scheüermann degeneration problem, but neither the gym nor the anti-inflammatories were the solution. I had three extruded and herniated discs, (S1-L5, L5-L4, L4-L3) and other less important extrusions at the lumbar and cervical levels.

A friend from the US, call Dr. Cabanella, who advised me the recent technique of surgery, from Germany, that it consist in replace the back disc herniated with discs implants. Suddenly a light bright like a star and all my prays were heard, the rest of my story It was like a dream, I was waiting for my surgery 1 month and finally I traveled to Bogen where I had surgery. Tow disc implants and tree back bone reconstruction was the result.

The only things I remembered of that time, were the beautiful nurses, the landscape outside, the rest of American friends patients and the small chapel near the room where I use to pray every day. In two weeks I came back to my country and in 2 months I was swimming in the pool and after 4 months of my surgery I was working normally even I take my skydive course and I jumped my first time just 4 months after the surgery. I wanted to try out the new implants ja ja ja!!!!!.Even they are resistant after the 34th jump I promise.

I have a new life now, I have no back pain, and I use to practice a lot of sports like running , surfing, scuba diving, skydiving ….

Thanks a lot for all.

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