Band of Brothers - 360 Motion


I am tearing up as I read your testimony. I have had family and friends ask if I get paid for all the time I spend talking to people who are thinking of, getting ready for, or having just completed back surgery in Germany by Dr. Bertagnoli. Many patients I never hear from again, so it is so rewarding for me to read your words. After I came thru this daunting ordeal for the better, I swore my payback would to be help others as others had helped me. It is this simple; if it were not for the help & support from Bill (my husband), Doug & Tim Vicknair I would not be sitting here typing this right now, and I am forever grateful to them. I would like to say “Thank You” again.

After a couple years of talking to potential patients I have developed a sense of which people are worth an investment of my time. David, I knew you were going to “Ace” this surgery, have a great recovery and be a positive influence on future patients. There is a small group of us who have had extensive back surgery that truly appreciate the good fortune & opportunity to have that “Spine Pope” work miracles on our bodies. In my own little mind I think of us the “Band of Brothers.” And you are now one.

All my Best,
Magic Passo