4 Level ADR Union Worker

This is one of those “happy ending stories” you hear and read about.

Two weeks ago, on March 2nd, 2010, I had a 4 level, Cervical Spine, prosthetic implant surgical procedure to replace my c23 discs through c56 discs that went extremely well. Yes, of course I was a bit sore and disoriented in ICU directly after the procedure, but then when I cleared my head from the meds., I realized that I could once again make my fingers and arms do as my brain commanded them to do.

For the last several years, since 2003, I started to feel pain, numbness and weakness in my fingers and then my arms. I played a lot of golf and work with hand tools frequently, so I thought maybe I’d been over doing it a bit. I started consuming anti-inflammatory meds, using ice packs, stretching more and none of that would help. I went to my Doctors’ office and after a series of tests; I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease of the Cervical Spine. With that being the cause of all my unnatural feelings, I asked the diagnosing Orthopedic Surgeon what my options were. He said first, quit playing golf. Also, try not to do anything that requires use of arm strength overhead, such as what I do for work and then said when I was ready for a Fusion Surgical procedure and change of careers, come on back and we’ll take care of your problem. SAY WHAT? This was a solution I did not want. The most powerful nation with its second to none Health Care system was offering me not much of a choice.

Us being out of the “Ice Age” for some time now, I felt there had to be a better solution than turning me into a manikin and taking away all that I’ve been doing for umpteen years. Hobbies, career and quality of life in general were a nod away from being removed from my life, forever. I hoped that there was a better solution than the one being offered.

My wife and I started doing online research and found ProSpine, led by Dr. Bertagnoli, in Straubing and Bogen, Germany. They offer multi-level Artificial Disc implants that actually replicate the human disc. We started an online dialogue and I sent copies of test results. Sure enough, here I am today without the pain, numbness and weakness that I’ve suffered with for so many years. Once again, I have full motion of my neck and head as it was given to me at birth.

The quality of preparedness that was asked for from me and then delivered from them was of the highest standards one could want. There is only the slightest language barrier but the Doctors speak fluent English. The hospital personnel also delivered quality care.

If you want a different option than what the U.S. of A. doctors can offer, then this might be it.

Wishing you well again too,

Joseph Cote’
Antioch, Ca.
Stationary Engineer
Local #39

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