Artificial Disc Replacement - Kansas

Dear Prof. Bertagnoli,

I can't thank you and your staff enough for the excellent treatment I received while being under your care. I found everyone at the hospital to be very kind and helpful and they certainly eased my concerns about being overseas for treatment by myself. After only 4 weeks I am happy to report that already I feel so much better and the acute back pain that plagued me for 8 years is gone. I still have some minor pain around the surgical sight but overall I am nearly pain free. Doctor Bertagnoli and his staff are truly a gift to humanity and I thank God that I had the good fortune to find them at a time when my situation seemed hopeless. I have a renewed sense of optimism that had been eroded by 8 years of pain and I am very excited about my pain-free life ahead. Please tell any potential patients I would be happy to speak to them about my experience. Your procedure gave me my life back and I would recommend it to anyone facing back surgery. Thank you and God bless you.

Matt Gould, age 36
Syracuse, KS