Artificial Disc Replacement - New York

Kevin T.
New York, New York
e-mail available upon request

I am very pleased to write about my experience with Dr. Bertagnoli who was my surgeon for a two level cervical disc replacement using Pro-disc at levels C3/4 and C6/7. As a result of a traumatic accident, I have had significant discomfort in this area for more than twenty years. In 1990, I underwent cervical fusions at C4/5/6, due to partial paralysis of the right arm. This surgery corrected the immediate problem, and offered some relief from pain, but resulted in limits to my mobility and took months to recover. In 2001, I underwent a second surgery in this area to remove disc and bone fragments that were causing significant pain. Both surgeries were beneficial, yet I still experienced significant pain that became debilitating in 2007. By late 2007, I was no longer able to play sports or do many activities I enjoyed. I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, etc, and was finally on extensive medications, with no significant relief.

On Feb 1, 2008, I underwent cervical disc replacement surgery with Dr. Bertagnoli. His staff was very helpful and efficient in making arrangements. While I have to admit some serious apprehension leaving NYC for surgery in a foreign country, I am extremely pleased with the results. I awoke from surgery with no pain at all. Within an hour, at my request, I was disconnected from all medications, and was walking around the hospital. Over the next two days I was rarely in the hospital bed, as I was walking constantly and moving around, enjoying my new found comfort. I was released from the hospital three days after surgery, and while I had some discomfort as can be expected from such a surgery, the back and neck pain that had been crippling, was almost completely gone. While I do still experience some stiffness and mild discomfort, I believe this may be related to several damaged discs I chose not to have worked on. To explain how satisfied I am with the outcomes, I can do this in no better way then to state what shape I am in now. Three months post surgery, I began jogging again. On May 25th, I rejoined my adult soccer team, where due to my injuries, I had not been able to play since the prior summer. Less than four months after two cervical replacements, I scored a goal, in a competitive game, on a cross from completely across the field, with a header. A rocket score which was probably one of the best I've ever made best during my time playing soccer. And it didn't hurt at all, and I still feel great. What more can I say.

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