Artificial Disc Replacement - Wales

Mirko P
North Wales
United Kingdom
e-mail available upon request

In March 2001, at the age of 32, I experienced a prolapse of the C6/C7 intervertebral disc that compressed the left nerve root and the thecal sac of the spinal cord. This resulted in a severe pain as well as impairment of some motor function necessitating an urgent response. Shortly after, I had an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion with Instrumentation performed in a London hospital. At the time, this was the only available surgical option here in the UK.

Unfortunately, in November 2003 I experienced another prolapse, this time at the below C7/Th1 level which again left me in a severe pain and motor function impairment of the left arm/hand. By this time I was aware of the potential accelerated degeneration of the adjacent levels caused by the fusion operation. I was determined to look for an alternative treatment that would hopefully preserve the motion of the affected level and slow down the "domino" effect.

After weeks of Internet research and numerous communications with fellow spinal sufferers from all over the world I was recommended Dr.Bertagnoli and his surgical team as the leaders in the field of Artificial Disc Replacement. I was relieved and delighted to receive immediate email response from Dr. Fenk-Mayer confirming that Dr. Bertagnoli does perform ADR surgery adjacent to the pre-existing fusion and that the team would consider my case. After examining my MRI scans, photographs and a video footage, Dr. Fenk-Mayer advised me to have the C7/Th1 level replaced as soon as possible due to the severe symptoms experienced. My operation was scheduled within 2 weeks.

On the 10th February 2004, a day after meeting Dr. Bertagnoli who thoroughly explained the entire procedure involved and patiently answered all my questions, I had my C7/Th1 intervertebral disc replaced with a Pro-Disc-C implant in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Straubing, Germany. The surgery went well and the next 7 days were spent recovering through daily walks and recommended physio exercises whilst being looked after exceptionally well by the attentive and helpful hospital staff. A few days after the operation I was visited by Dr. Bertagnoli once again during which time he explained the details of my procedure, addressed all the questions and provided detailed advice regarding my recovery.

It is now coming up to 4 and a half years since my operation. I was glad to find out that my recent annual X-ray has confirmed a correct placement and functioning of the implant.

Following the operation, I was able to resume all my normal (pre-prolapse) activities within a year. Furthermore, I have now been surfing for the last 2 years on average 3 times a week throughout the year. I am pleased to report that both my left arm and hand are completely pain free allowing me to enjoy the sport I love, stay fit & healthy and lead a normal life!

I feel fortunate to have been treated by Dr. Bertagnoli, Dr.Fenk-Mayer and the rest of team in a profoundly professional manner and would wholeheartedly recommend their services.

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