Dr. Ahmed M. Motawie from Cairo

Dear all... and above all... Dear Professor Bertagnoli,

It has been over a year now since my 4 level ADR lumber surgery.

I’ve been planning to write a thank you letter for the past few weeks since that it has been a year from my surgery, but I just couldn’t find the right words to express my gratitude. You simply brought me my life back.

Looking back at the days of agony and pain before I do the surgery makes me hard to believe that I’m that same person today. Thanks to Almighty God and thanks to you, I’m doing all the things I use to do before my back injury even better than I use to do them.

I’m back to my dental office and team after many surgeons told me that I will have to do a career shift because the only solution to my situation is a five level fixation. I’m back to working-out and weight lifting. I’m back to jet-skiing and water sports. I’m back to bending over the sink without the need to excessively bend my knees or sit on a chair to be able to shave my beard and brush my teeth. Most importantly, I’m back to my family. I’m back to playing around and spending quality time with my 9 year old child. I’m back to taking my family on vacations and managing to spend 100% of the time enjoying it with them without feeling the agonizing pain, and even without dozing-off on pain killers. I’m back to seeing the comfort and joy in my wife’s and parents eyes after months of seeing nothing but worries and exhaustion for my situation.

No matter how much I write I will never be able to explain to you how grateful I am for bringing my life back to me.

Hope to see you all safe and sound and please send all my love and gratitude to the entire team especially Prof. Bertagnoli and send him this message: “The hands of God are above your hands.“

Dr. Ahmed M. Motawie
CEO UpTown Dental
#52 Ahmed Al-Zomor St, Area 8, Nasr City
Zip Code 11787
Cairo, Egypt,/p>

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