1 Year After Artificial Disc

Dr. Rudolf Bertgnoli,

I have purposely waited on writing this letter to be able to give a truthful and long term evaluation of my recovery from having 2 artificial disc’s replaced almost 2 years ago.

The first year of surgery always requires patience while the body responds to the changes from the inside out. Surgery is traumatizing to the body. That is simply true. Most times immediately after surgery a person may experience more pain than it was in previous to surgery. But for me I want to say that is when I experienced my 1st miracle. The radiating pain that I had experienced for 20 years disappeared 1-½ days after surgery completely and has NEVER returned!

Another interesting fact was that the pain was lessened so quickly that I could go back to medication by mouth in 2 days after surgery. Only slightly increasing pain medication after surgery. Also I could talk and eat within a couple of days as regular. Before having the artificial disc’s I was fused at C-4-5-6. The artificial discs were C3-4 and C6-7. Dr. Rudolf was such an EXCELLENT SURGEON that he corrected and cleaned up what needed to be repaired in my neck. Most of us with horrific neck pain hate the fact that we have to take pain medication. Hated all the time spent in doctors offices. After 20 years of doctors, x-rays, and especially the dreaded MRI’s. Before the 1st anniversary of my neck surgery I was free from all narcotics and muscle relaxers! I haven’t had to take one for my neck since. That was freedom for me.

These are the amazing things that today I can do without even thinking about it:

Ride in a car as long as I want with NO PAIN!

Take care of my grand kids as long as I don’t pick them up!

Shop, cook and clean up my own kitchen.

Fix my own hair without pain.

Ride a bike.

Lift both my hands in the air for long periods of time.

Vacuum, sweep, and mop, men may not relate but I pretty sure some of you do.

I am artist. Now I can paint for as long as I need too. I have learned to stop and “check-in” with myself and take breaks.

So without going into all the things I can do and enjoy there is one simple truth!


I got a 2nd chance. At 59 years I can do what I couldn’t at 41 years. Live without pain. I Thank God for leading me to Dr. Rudolf Bertgnoli. God created Dr. Bertgnoli, his mind, his hands and especially his heart. Dr. Bertgnoli didn’t have to choose to do this with his life. But I am so grateful that he did. I am so grateful for Dr. Bertnoli, there is simply no way to say, “Thank you”, that is seems adequate.


MAY GOD BLESS YOU FULLY and All who were part of my miracle!
Truly Thankful

Vickie Conde

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