Artificial Disc Replacement - San Jose

Starting some three years ago I had problems with sciatica. I tired chiropractic , traction therapy, physical therapy and various medications. Upon re-injuring my back after a traction session I had begun to lose hope that I would have any other option except a spinal fusion , as getting an ADR here in the states was not an affordable option. As chance would have it, my father met a man on a golf course in Baja California who had received an artificial disk replacement in lieu of a fusion from an orthopaedic surgeon in Germany. I did my research and it seemed that ADR was a way better option than a fusion.

The consultation with the doctors in Germany was free (not including sending them my x-rays and MRI films). Everything was cleared and I was scheduled to get a ADR at L5-S1 to fix a 8mm herniation. I have been to Germany before when I was young and being back was a joy. Bogen is a quaint small dorf in Bavaria -all the best things you hear about Germany: immaculate streets, door knobs that don't wiggle and friendly faces. I am glad that I had studied a little German in college, as it went a long way in getting a good impression with the townsfolk and medical staff.

As far as the hospital stay is concerned, I could not have hoped for a better stay at a hospital, nor have I ever received a standard of care nearly as good as I did there. Although my German is haltingly bad, the nurses speak enough English to compensate for my lack of German and all of the doctors speak fluent English. The operation was a success and I stayed across the Danube in nearby Straubing (another lovely city) for another 5 days.

All things considered: the quality of the care, the novelty of visiting small town Germany, and the relatively affordable cost (which was a bargain compared to getting the same thing here in the Bay Area) I would highly recommend getting an ADR with Dr. Bertagnoli.

Robert Baucus
San Jose, CA

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