13 Years After Cervical ADR


I wanted everyone thinking about any operation on the spine that is considering Dr. Bertagnoli must know how he is the only one in the whole world hands down to even consider as a surgeon for newest and perfect procedure. He just is that good. I am 13 years out and have not had not even one time since the pain stopped after surgery any pain what so ever. I ski one month a year, swim hour and half every day and weight lift-no problem.

To you Dr. Bertagnoli personally I want you to know that I would do anything to let the world know how safe and perfect everything is with you. You need to know that the one choice and the luck of finding you was truly truly my only way out-every other possibility was for me not even a thought. But I was hitting walls of alternatives to fusion of neck that almost guarantees pain and future surgeries of disk below and above. I hit the jack pot with finding you. You are truly my hero and you need to know how much true happiness you bring people. What a great gift you are giving to the world. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and if there is anything I can ever do for you to let people know what a great experience i had and how perfect everything is 12 years later please let me know. Just for fun if you ever had a moment on down time I also feel like we have something in common is that we both touch peoples lives you in a much bigger way. Please go to You tube on internet. Punch in Peter Block Musicor on google type in peter block composor. I have been able because you made me better to write music and sing and have had a very very famous man in America Billy Joel, take interest in me. If you go to those locations you can watch videos of songs I wrote and am singing on that the great Billy Joel ( Similar fame to Elton John) are producing and backing.

Again I have that love I can continue ONLY because of you .

You are by far the greatest in world. I know from what I do how long and hard you have to work to touch the world. Well sir , you have to know that your life of being on this earth has made so many people finally free from pain and what a true gift that is.

From the bottom of my heart I will for the rest of my life be truly truly greatfull to you,

Peter Block
New York City