2 Lumbar + 2 Cervical ADR + Insurance

January 2018. Two-lumbar ADR’s and two-cervical ADR’s during same visit. For all you investigating Team Bertagnoli in Bogen, Germany, DO IT ! This is a legitimate, organized, efficient, professional organization from beginning to end. Foreign country, language, travel, payment and accounting are contemplated by Team Bertagnoli and are not the hurdle you may think. Professor Bertagnoli is a perfectionist (in the most positive sense). As such, each member of his team reflects his high standard. All involved aim to provide the best outcome, and best patient care from beginning to end. Lumbar procedure was less-than-half the trauma I anticipated. Cervical a week later was virtually, a breeze. The ease of the procedures is testimony to Professor Bertagnoli’s meticulous technique and attentive post-op care from all involved in the high-quality hospital. Posting now six months after surgery I have full mobility, and no pain. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I recommend you trust all the comments you read and DO IT ! Delay no longer. US Insurers (PPO) will pay. But, clear pre-approval is required. Note, being referred to “Global Core” by health insurance customer service is not pre-approval. I ended up not getting reimbursed by insurance but am still happy and would do it again without anticipation of being reimbursed. In the USA, insurers are just beginning to authorize ADR procedure. However, only single level replacements and typically only cervical procedures are approved. And, there are NO doctors in the USA with even a fraction of the experience of Professor Bertagnoli and his team. Make a vacation of it prior to surgery. Arrive early in Bogen. I am eager to share the details of my experience.
Look me up and contact me. Blane Peters, Tustin CA USA.