Artificial Disc Replacement - Bella

Get your life back now!

This is the slogan on top of the internet site of Dr. Bertagnoli My name is Mrs. Bella Anten and this slogan says in reality what happened to me after my spine surgery in 2007. I was invited to write about my experiences with Pro-Spine, which I gladly do in order to inform future patients.

Since the early eighties I suffered from spinal pain, which back then was diagnosed as disc degeneration. Living in the Netherlands the usual therapy was and still is the conservative approach. The consulted specialists told me that there was no solution other than this approach and that I had to learn to live with this condition. During the years the pain increased in spite of all kinds of therapy. Although I kept on working the quality of both daily and social life went worse.

Until, after more than twenty years, a good friend of mine recommended me to consult Dr. Bertagnoli in Germany. Since I had nothing to lose, my future was dimmed by the knowledge that there was no cure available whatsoever, I decided to pay him a visit.

To my surprise and relief the outcome of the consultation of Dr. Bertagnoli learned me that he surely could improve my daily and social life. Therefore he had to replace several discs for artificial ones. From that very moment on I had an absolute belief that he could help me.

Due to an ongoing struggle with my insurance company concerning the refund of the surgery costs, it took two more years before I had my surgery. And what a miracle happened! Although the surgery was tough, my rehabilitation went forward quickly. Most important here is the fact that you have to keep up your head during the healing process and put in your best efforts to become and stay in good shape. Now, three years after surgery I still am thankful for the opportunity to lead a full and active life again. A life which Dr. Bertagnoli provided me by his surgery. All the things that I loved to do and which over the years I couldn't do anymore, are possible again. But I never take it for granted. I have to keep on exercising like Nordic walking, swimming and biking to keep my muscles and spine in good shape.

In 2009 I became a grandmother for the first time. I can assure you: a wonderful experience. Such a life event ensures that I daily appreciate my recovered life even more: I gained the possibility to hold my grandchild in my arms. For me the ultimate topping on the cake!

With gratefulness to Dr. Bertagnioli,
Bella Anten