Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
November 17, 2014

Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli
94327 Bogen
I am writing to express my gratitude for the care I have received from Pro-Spine. I still remember the day when I visited Pro-Spine office for my injury consultation. It was one of the most difficult and trying times in my life. The personal attention and kindness shown to me helped me overcome my fears about the surgery and the long term prognosis. I have never felt as comfortable as I did to make a very difficult decision in my life before. The counseling I received from you before undergoing the surgery was crucial to my decision.

“Thank you” is too simple of a phrase, but still it’s meant to show that I appreciate your kindness more than you could know. Thank you for taking such good care of me during my hospital stay and afterwards. Your kindness and patience meant so much to me. God bless each of you!

I apologize for this long overdue thank you note – I will always be forever grateful for you, nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, housekeeping, and kitchen staff. You all played a key role in helping me get through a very traumatic injury and the pain I had been suffering through on a daily basis. I spent a total of 11 days on your floor and really appreciate everything everyone did to help me get through this difficult times. Your team is astounding and you have every reason to take such great pride in all of them.

In addition to attending my physical issues, you also stood beside me during my operation and taught me so much in how to regain my life back. You've helped me through rough times and I will always remember that time prior to having your help when I felt so alone and in pain. You stood beside me and showed me the right way to continue. You’ve protected me and guided me, and for that I will be truly and eternally grateful. Words will never be sufficient to say 'Thank You' and I'll always remember that you always were there when I needed you.

Eternally grateful,
Mr. Rasool Al-Marzouq
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