Artificial Disc - Katherine L

October 21, 2010

Hello Tim:

I hope this note finds you very well. I'm sure you've continued to help many other patients through the bewildering process of finding their way to wonderful Dr. Bertagnoli since my own journey last November.

At nine months post-op, I am incredibly happy and pain free. My recovery was slow and careful, with guidance from Dr. Bobby Tay (UCSF spine surgeon and colleague of Dr. Bertagnoli) and my wonderful physical therapist Gale McIntosh (Holistic Physical Therapy here in Palo Alto, CA). I just "graduated" from Gale's program. With her help I've regained greatly improved range of motion and mobility.

As of August I have been PAIN FREE. I can sit, stand, walk, cook, play for hours--and even scrub floors and toilets on my hands and knees--with no pain during or after. After having been bedridden (flat on my back in isolation and pain for the nine months prior to my surgery); after having seen three different spine surgeons in the US who gave me no options for surgery or even moderate recovery--by October of 2009 I literally felt I had been handed a death sentence. If I hadn’t found Dr. Bertagnoli and the hope he gave me, I’m not sure what I would have done.

Now, I truly have my life back, and will be thankful forever to you, to Dr. Bertagnoli and his entire team for the part they played in this miracle.

On May 12, 2010, I had my third (11 mo vs. 12 mo) followup with Dr. Bobby Tay. I am happy to report that my X-rays are the most beautiful pictures of me I've ever seen--with absolutely perfectly aligned discs sitting on those vertebrae--no migration, no problems anywhere. I am literally jumping for joy (I can do that now!) Dr. Tay has cleared me for all physical activity including high intensity/slow motion resistance weight training program with my personal trainer (James Bell of AlIVE! Whole Fitness Studio in Redwood City), so watch out (my plans for the winter include learning Salsa and Merengue!) I will plan to see Dr. Tay in a year for the next follow-up.

Well, that’s about it for now. Please keep up the wonderful work you do, and best wishes always.


Katherine Lawrence

PS: We will send Pro-Spine the disc which includes: Xray & MRI 7/09; X-rays March, May and November of 2010. Could you please provide the best address and method for mailing that?

PPS: Please feel free to share this letter wherever appropriate. Also, if prospective patients would like to speak to me personally, I would be happy to share my experience. My telephone numbers are 650-690-8676 (landline) 503-330-4403 (cell).

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