4 weeks after in Hawaii

Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli

I am on my 4th week of rehabilitation and progressing with my exercises. Taking is slowly I am icing at home and really try to take breaks during the day and lay down (I love lying on the floor with a really thick plush carpet!). Taking breaks really helps me last longer.

We went to two black tie events and although I was very tired the next day, Bill and I slow danced and even did a gentle swing dance. When I get tired I wear my belt for a while. I do not get much sympathy, as I look as if I never had anything wrong with my back. I have the expected stiffness and soreness from waking up the muscles that have been on vacation.

We went to Mauna Kea, Hawaii where we owned a beautiful lot overlooking the golf course and the Mauna Kea beach. While we were there we sold our lot. We went to meet our broker to sign the escrow papers and since I went snorkeling in the morning (very softly and gently) I wore my back brace belt you gave me as my back was a little tired. The broker asked what had happened and we talked about our backs and it turns out he is one of the tow Hawaiians to ever have back surgery by you. We could not believe it.

It is important for me to tell you that both him and I agreed that one of the main reasons we ended up having surgery by you was the we received so much help and guidance from Tim Vicknair. He was very instrumental in informing us, guiding us and convincing us that all would go smoothly. When one is going overseas for surgery it is a tremendous help to have someone like Tim Vicknair to talk to. Just know he is working very hard for you.

Our agent said he was real low key and that you might not remember him as he just cane and went quietly. I told him that is not how I do things and that Dr. Bertagnoli damn well better remember me! Our agent and I recounted our blessings and how thankful we are to you and your expertise.

Magic Passo