4 Level ADR Fusion Reversal

I had a successful four level ADR c3 to c7 done by Dr. Bertagnoli in December 2009.

I found out in July 2009 from a barium swallow test that there was an effacement of my esophagus in the area of my February 2003 ACDF at c5c6 which was performed at home.

Dr. Bertagnoli and Dr. Fenk Mayer were the first surgeons to notify me that my 2003 ACDF hardware had failed and never fused in a communication with me in October 2009.

That was the first time I had any confirmation of what was wrong with my neck.

The original plan was to have a 3 level ADR c3c4c6c7 with a new fusion implant at c5c6. A month before surgery I asked if there was any possibility of inserting an ADR where the failed fusion/hardware was at c5c6. I was told it could not be done because almost 7 years had elapsed. Dr. Bertagnoli reviewed my MRI upon arrival in Straubing and I was thrilled when he told me the day before surgery that he would go ahead with the four level ADR c3 to c7 because it was clear there was no fusion present at c5c6 from the Feb 2003 ACDF.

As a result of this miraculous 4 level ADR, my vomiting, dizziness and severe reflux disappeared, and my abdominal muscles strengthened and the feeling came back into my arm and hand. I also came off my Percocet, and I have so much more freedom and mobility with my neck when I drive now, compared to before the ADR surgery.

I had scoliosis surgery from T5 to T12 in the early 1960’s

Fusions are rigid and I have lived with them for a long time. This is one of the reasons why I was so attracted to the ADR surgery.

I also had an excellent physiotherapist work with me weekly to ensure that I would have about 180 degrees of turning ability with my head.

There is absolutely no comparison between having an ADR and having a fusion, one is mobile and one is not.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bertagnoli and his team for this surgery in Germany. I found out about Dr. Bertagnoli from a medical intuitive, in September 2008. I delayed corresponding with his office for almost a year, hoping to get some kind of diagnosis and help locally.

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