. Cervical artificial disc Replacement - Ohio


One year ago I traveled to Germany to have ADR surgery with Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli. I am a 30 year old female. I had a 2 level ADR surgery at c4-5 and c5-6. I found that Dr. Bertagnoli was the only doctor that truly understood my neck pain.

I was 29 years old at the time and have had gradually increasing pain since high school and it got a lot worse in my 20s. I was having chronic neck pain that caused a deep depression in my life. This dark cloud that hindered so much of what I wanted to do in life, most importantly raising my two very young children. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to my pain since I could not trace the pain back to a specific time or accident. I had many MRIs and x-rays, spent thousands of dollars on holistic treatment and massage but nothing helped. I saw many Doctors who diagnosed me based on what the radiologists reading was and would not listen beyond that, so it was very frustrating. I found out about ADR through my own research, and even found a previous patient of Dr. Bertagnoli who lives close to me who helped with many things in the weeks leading up to my surgery. Most medical professionals agreed that I had a herniated disk and that another one was bulging (which got worse and eventually herniated as well) they could not offer any help other than drugs which I didn’t want to take because I wanted to fix it not numb it plus they didn’t help anyway. I was told I was not a candidate for surgery because it wasn’t that bad YET and they didn’t want to do a surgery because they thought I was too young for a fusion. ADR was newer here in the states and not performed much. Some told me my pain was from something else and not from the disks, although I had always felt that was the issue.

Right away Dr. Prof Bertagnoli and his team got back to me and recommended what made sense to me. He knows and understands the human spine in logical way, for once someone saw the pain I was having and offered actual help. I cannot describe to you how skilled he and his team are, they are truly amazing and work very well together. The nurses at the hospital were very kind and professional; staying in a hospital in Germany is nothing like the U.S. You actually get rest. I would travel back again if I had to. I have no complaints. Patients are offered a very well mapped out plan from the moment your plane lands to the moment it leaves; they really know what they are doing. I did all they suggested and my trip was flawless. The 2nd week after my surgery I stayed in the hotel they set me up in and it was lovely! They took care of all my accommodations. There was even a pharmacy around the corner. I have my life back now, the pain is 90% better but that is from some nerve damage and a muscle disorder (Dr. Bertagnoli had even warned me of this before hand). I take very little medication for pain and it is easily manageable, which before I was in severe pain and NOTHING would help. Massage and stretching actually help now. I highly recommend Dr. Bertagnoli if you are considering ADR surgery. He has plenty experience and even had a play in the design of the device and tools being used so he is very familiar with what he is using.

My experience was heaven sent; I felt like I mattered to them and was taken seriously from the very beginning. I expect my pain go away even more as I take care of myself and let my body heal now that the problem is fixed. Thank you Pro Spine for giving me my life back again and for giving my husband and kids their wife and mother back! I can live the rest of my life without that awful pain and feeling of being trapped with no way out. Thank you Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli!!!!!

Ohio, U.S.A