Peter Gardner MD 4 Years After

Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli has given me back my life.

I had such severe back pain, while sitting and standing, that I was considering going on disability (my work as a physician requires much standing). I saw multiple physicians on the East Coast who all suggesting fusing most of my back due to degenerative scoliosis.

I met Dr. Bertagnoli who, drawing upon his vast experience as well as some hardware not yet available in the U.S. (they are, now), suggested an innovative approach which would allow me to continue to work AND go back to some limited sports.

Dr. Bertagnoli performed fairly massive surgery (16 hours) over 2 days. That was 2009. It's now 2013, I have only very mild back pain that's easily controlled with Tylenol, I'm back to hitting tennis balls (gently), exercising, work, and everything else I did before. What he was able to do was just incredible, and the spine surgeons back home are amazed (and impressed).

By the way, being operated on in another country was quite an experience, but I knew the healthcare in Germany was second to none, and felt comfortable at every step that I was being well cared for. Getting over this mental hurdle was tough but well worth it.

I can't recommend Dr. Bertagnoli highly enough to anyone needing back surgery.