Culpepper(71) from Georgia (Coflex)

I am 71 years old and was suffering from absolute degenerative spinal stenosis from L4-5,L3-4 and degeneration of facet joints L5-S1.The pain in my right leg had gotten so bad that I was no longer able to stand or walk,only sitting brought relief.I was more or less house bound and the only thing I continued to do,was go to the fitness center and work with a personnel trainer twice per week.

I found out about Professor Bertagnoli through my brother and I sent a copy of my MRI to him which he took to the the spine clinic. Prof. Bertagnoli agreed that I needed an operation as soon as possible. My husband and I left immediately for Germany and I had the surgery within a few days.I received two Coflex implants and was able to return home to Macon in Georgia free from pain in just a little more than three weeks!

It is now four months later and I am as active,without pain,as I used to be,I work with my trainer,ride my bike and walk for miles. Recovery took only a few weeks which was especially important to me because I have Parkinson's Disease and have to exercise to stay mobile.

Had I had the surgery here my vertebrates would have been fused together and recovery would have been at least four to six months.

I have nothing but praise for Prof. Bertagnoli, his staff and the hospital!


Hiltraud Culpepper