Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Mara Adams

If my wife and I could give more than 5 stars to Dr. Bertagnoli and his Pro Spine Team, we definitely would do so.

Without a doubt, Dr. Bertagnoli has to be one of the most experienced and one of the best, if not the most experienced and the best, ADR Surgeons in the world. One would think that a Doctor of his stature would be full of himself and arrogant. To the contrary, Dr. Bertagnoli is humble, kind and very down to earth. My wife and I felt so safe and secure knowing that our health and even our lives were literally in his very capable hands.

My wife’s surgery was performed in early September 2021. She presented with severe disc degeneration from C4-T1. She was 57 years of age. For the past 15 plus years she has been experiencing progressively worsening neck and shoulder pain. By 2020 she could hardly move her head and her chronic pain was robbing her of joy in her life. Doctors in the US wanted to fuse one or more sites, however, that would only put more pressure on the discs above and below the fused site, causing additional disc deterioration. That was unacceptable for my wife and I. Fortunately, my wife had seen firsthand my successful results regarding my 2019 ADR surgery with Dr. Bertagnoli. Now it was her turn and time to finally experience the cessation of pain and regain the mobility that had been lost. She was originally scheduled for her ADR surgery in November of 2020 but Covid-19 forced her to reschedule a number of times before she was finally able to have the surgery in September of 2021.

During my wife’s ADR surgery, Dr. Bertagnoli replaced four, that is right, four damaged discs, specifically C4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7, and C7-T1!!! Dr. Bertagnoli expertly removed the damaged discs and reshaped the vertebrae to receive the ADR’s. With utmost precision, he placed the ADR’s, matching the size and shape of the ADR to the vertebrae to which they would be affixed and ultimately fused. You should see the final X-rays – PERFECTION!

The day after her surgery, as predicted, her chronic pain was GONE!! She was overjoyed and cried. She could actually turn her head without pain as well. She is looking forward to increased mobility as time goes on. She will too, as per my experience.

My surgery was performed back in pre-Covid 19 times back in November 2019. I presented with fusions from C4 to C7 and a failed ADR at C3-C4. In 2019, I was 56 years of age. The failed ADR was placed in 2014 by an inexperienced Neurosurgeon in the US. The ADR that was placed was too small and the bone literally grew around it, effectively fusing that cervical level. The C4-C7 fusions from 2007 had also placed a lot of stress on the C7-T1 disc, causing rapid degeneration of that disc. By 2019, I was experiencing excruciating neck and shoulder pain. I was not sleeping and my quality of life was rapidly deteriorating. US Doctors wanted to fuse C7-T1. However, that would have severely hindered my ability to look down, ending my career as an Orthodontist. I thank GOD that I discovered Dr. Bertagnoli while doing an internet search for ADR surgeons in other countries.

During my surgery, Dr. Bertagnoli removed the ineffective ADR at C3-C4 and reshaped the vertebral space. He also removed the degenerated disc at C7-T1 and reshaped that disc space as well. Then appropriately sized ADR’s, matching the actual size and shape of the vertebrae, were precisely placed at C3-C4 and C7-T1. You should see the final X-rays – PERFECTION!

The day after the surgery my pain was GONE! I am so happy to report that nearly two years after my surgery, my pain is still GONE and my head’s range of motion is better than it has been in over 20 years. I purposefully detailed both of my wife and I’s surgeries. I want prospective patients to realize that Dr. Bertagnoli delivers consistent excellent results. Every patient wants to know that fact. Believe me, every patient of Dr. Bertagnoli’s I have interviewed is amazed at their life changing positive results. My wife and I cannot forget the Pro Spine Team. We both dealt mostly with Nadia and Renate. They are absolutely wonderful and so very helpful. Dr. Nichols is also very thorough and very compassionate. Dr. Bertagnoli and his team complement one another very well. “They” are what makes Pro Spine so successful in helping patients in pain to finally find relief and live better lives!!

My wife and I thank the Pro Spine Team from the bottom of our hearts. Based on our actual experience, we would only recommend this amazing Pro Spine Team to anyone with cervical disc issues and associated pain.

We are forever grateful to Dr Bertagnoli and his Team and you will always be in our heart and minds for the rest of our cervical pain free lives!! You may absolutely give our contact information to prospective patients if they have any questions.

With great appreciation and thankfulness.

Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Mara Adams