Artificial Disc Replacement - England

Alan Seager
Ipswich, England

The operation by Dr Bertagnoli followed two and a half years of acute pain to the lower back and also included varying degrees of sciatic pain in the lower legs varying from painful to extremely painful, but always pain was present. Having not slept properly for some 12 months it was during one of these sleepless nights on 22nd March 08 when researching my condition on the Internet I came across information detailing Dr Bertagnoli’s treatment and success rates, I became intrigued.

Having visited many consultants and specialists in the UK regarding my condition (completely deteriorated disc at L2-3) all advised nothing could be done without major risky surgery so keep taking the tablets and see how it go’s, to say I was skeptical was a bit of an understatement. Never the less noting Dr Bertagnoli’s representative was in the UK on 4th April I completed the on line form requesting a consultation thinking as the posting had been there since November 07 I was unlikely to get a consultation on this occasion. To my surprise contact was made the following morning and an appointment duly arranged in London for 4th April to discuss my condition.

The consultation took place following which the diagnosis was I would be a good case for receiving an ADR at L2-3, excited at the prospect it was agreed I should travel for the operation as quickly as possible and that the clinic in Germany would come back to me in the near future with dates. On the 15th April I received notification Dr Bertagnoli would be able to operate on the 18th, flights were quickly arranged and I arrived at the clinic on the 16th for two days of pre-op checks.

Friday 18th came and went and surely enough as they had said I was able to walk within 15 hours of the op, so within 26 days of finding the website - operation complete and successful.

The first three weeks were a challenge ,although I did resume work within a week of the op, now some 4 months on my totally pain free life has completely returned and active as ever I was before the condition manifested itself am forever in debt to Dr’s Bertagnoli, Fenk-Mayer and their team.

If you are considering this treatment don’t think too long, do as I did and your life will change.

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