Rick Froelich (Cervical)

I feel extremely fortunate that Dr. Bertagnoli and his fine team were able to do my spinal surgery (twice!).

In 2007 Dr. Bertagnoli put in two artificial discs in my lumbar spine (L3-4, L4-5) for severe spinal DJD (degenerative disc disease) to restore mobility and relieve my severe pain. That surgery totally relieved my severe back pain and allowed me to get back to vigorous yoga and to playing golf. So when I developed severe cervical spinal stenosis and DJD Dr. Bertagnoli put in another two artificial discs in my cervical spine on 10/5/12. I'm now markedly better with my energy level restored back to normal and my pain 75% resolved just one month post-op.

My spinal issues started in 1995 due to my strong family history of DJD and my profession as an invasive cardiologist (we put in stents and treat heart attacks). I had severe spinal stenosis in 1996 treated with a fusion at C6-7. This fusion failed and a year later I needed two level fusion with a titanium plate for the failed fusion and a new bulging disc (at C5-6). Because of the cervical fusions it was only a matter of time before I developed severe cervical spinal stenosis and DJD above and below the fused segments (it's called “Adjacent Segment Syndrome”). Hence my recent trip to Germany. You could say that my August 2007 surgery with Dr. Bertagnoli was a prelude for this recent cervical surgery.

As a retired M.D. Cardiologist I feel that I'm a good judge of the delivery of medical care (I also have had two total knee replacements in 2004). Dr. Bertagnoli in my opinion is the foremost spinal surgeon in the world. No one has put in more artificial discs or done more complicated spinal surgeries. His team of nurses and doctors are superbly trained to deliver the best medical and surgical care.

Thank you Dr. Bertagnoli and your team for giving me my health back.

Richard Froehlich M D.

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