4 Level ADR 10 Years After

Hello Dr. Bertagnoli

If you can believe it, it has been 10 years since I had my Surgery in Vienna, and 10 years since your 1st four level cervical ADR. I cant believe how well I have done. I live life everyday as normal as the next guy, and do everything that I want to do. Nothing stops me, Flying, water skiing, soccer, and most anything else that I care to do.

I still tell my story to those that may want to listen and let them know how close it was for me. It is actually a very incredible story considering that I had no idea I even had a problem, and how it all started with a torn muscle. How a physical therapist noticed a small indentation on my left hand, and how, only a week prior to my surgery, I got the results of an MRI and was told that I would be paralyzed within two weeks. How I found out about you through a man I met on the internet and how my wife thought I was crazy to listen to this man and fly to Austria to have surgery. I tell them of the brilliant doctor that helped me and how he described the surgery and told me, "It was one minute till midnight". I tell them how you told me that within the night or two the blood supply to my spinal cord would have been pinched off and how my spinal cord would have died, and how you said that I simply would have stopped breathing. I tell them how you saved my life. I often think of writing a book of my experience just to let others know of my experience. "One minute to Midnight" would be the title. I often think of how blessed I have been that you were my doctor.

Anyway I'm glad to be here after ten years and as much as I never think about my neck I never forget about you. I often want to call and just to say hi and to tell you how i'm doing, but often think that I would just be a bother, but if it were ok with you I would love to just call and say hi from time to time. Additionally I would love to get together with you for dinner next time your in the states, so please feel free to call me and let me know if you will be around. I can meet you most anywhere in the states if I have the time off, but can certainly meet up if your in California. Just let me know when you might be coming and I could adjust my schedule to meet you. Lastly I think that I might need to come see you again in Germany for a little tune-up. I looks like my last X-Rays show a little Heterotopic Ossification on a few discs. I'm not an expert at reading X-Rays but I believe that that is what I'm seeing. I don't believe there is any urgent problem but looking at my x rays it seems like these bone spurs could cause some problems in the future if not addressed. I just sent off my yearly X-Rays and I'm sure Dr. Fenk Meyer will let me know if there is any problem, but I would surly appreciate it if I could get your opinion as well.

Wishing you and your family all the best,

Tim Battle

Devoted patient, advocate, and friend

Timothy Battle
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