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Good morning all. Life back here has kept me crazy but trust me you have not been forgotten. I have not had time to really write an email thanking you all for everything you have done for me. I will make time now.

Tim, you were a true friend throughout this process. I must tell you, being a person who has never travelled outside of the country I found myself never worried. Knowing you were there every step of the way to make sure all was well with us is truly made this experience comforting and I am truly grateful.

As for the ladies at the hospital, I love you all!! You all treated us with the utmost respect. I found myself feeling a little saddened at times since I had no ability to speak any German and did not come prepared as I should have with at least a little ability to do so. NEVER did any of you get frustrated by our lack of ability to speak your language and this was also truly comforting. All of you were helpful and caring. I am extremely grateful with the way you treated my wife as well while we were there in Bogen. Although she was not a patient, she got the same treatment from the staff and for this I cannot thank you enough!! This was truly the biggest decision I have ever made and thanks to you all, it was probably one of the easiest to get through.

The entire experience was one that I will never forget and I am meeting with my primary doctor today to tell him all about it. I am also going to make sure he has all of your info so that Dr. B. can help others like me in the area who simply cannot get a good diagnosis from the surgeons in my area. I never had a chance to talk about it but I would be willing to do a You Tube video for you all. There are a few pointers that I learned while there that could help others. I feel as though others need to know about your awesome service and the experience I had while being there. Once again we cannot thank you all enough for the care you gave me and my wife while in Bogen. We will never forget you and I plan to come back there and visit again in the future. We will make sure we stop by the next time we are in Germany.

Dr. Nichols ( hope I spelled it right J ) I have a special place for you in my heart. Although I did thorough research on this procedure beforehand, you really helped me to understand the process and how it would affect me. You being there was extremely comforting and I felt very secure with the analysis you gave me on the process. Not to mention you have an awesome sense of humor that was very comforting. I cant thank you enough for your guidance and we are both truly grateful.

Last but not least, to Dr. Bertagnoli. You saved my life! I went to Germany thinking nothing could take my pain away. I was a defeated man and felt betrayed by the medical community in my country. None of them had my best interest in mind. Their only concern seemed to be to get me to do surgery with them and to perform the surgery most commonly done instead of the best surgery available. I don’t have to tell you about the bureaucracy we face here in the states. Im sure you know all about it. All of the surgeons I saw before you wanted to fuse my neck. I cant tell you how close I was to moving forward with the fusion surgery. I truly believe God redirected me to you. You expert hands have given me life again. I have zero pain and have a new outlook on life. I see things in such a different way now and I truly owe it all to you. Although our time was brief together I want you to know the impact you made on my life. I will never forget what you did for me and will in turn use my voice and influence to tell as many people possible about how great you and your staff truly are!!

I came to Germany not knowing what to expect. After working with you and your staff, I am more than convinced that I could refer anyone to you and that they would be taken care of. I am truly blessed to have had you be the surgeon to operate on my neck. I truly believe the outcome would not have been the same should any other surgeon have performed the surgery. I cant thank you and your staff enough. I will spread the word about you here in the states. Thanks again for taking my pain away. I am forever grateful!! Frohe Weihnacht to you and your staff. We hope to see you again in the future ( while on vacation of course J )

Thank you,

Shawn Fortenberry


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