Artificial Disc Replacement - Dallas

Dr. Bertagnoli and Staff,

Please share this letter with potential patients and your entire staff.

In March of 2009 a MRI revealed that my three lowest discs (L3 – S1) were in various stages of degeneration with tears and small bulges throughout. My Orthopedic Surgeon then handed me over to the "Pain Management" specialist who prescribed a combination of narcotics and told me to attend physical therapy. They told me to “be patient and in 5 to 10 years technology would come to the United States and then I would be fixed!

The next 2 years I consulted with 4 different Orthopedic Surgeons, 1 Neurosurgeon, 3 pain management doctors and 3 different physical therapy clinics trying to come up with a better answer. Finally, in July of 2010 I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted with the goal of decreasing the amount of narcotics needed to deaden the pain. The stimulator helped, but after 6 more months of rehab it became apparent the stimulator was not the answer I had hoped. Finally, I consulted 1 more, well respected, Orthopedic Surgeon in Dallas who told me to contact Dr. Bertagnoli in Bogen, Germany for (ADR) artificial disk replacement surgery.

I began the process emailing with Dr. Bertagnoli's staff in early April of 2011. Setting up my profile within the ProSpine website was easy and I mailed MRI’s, CT’s' and X-rays to Mr. Tim Vicknair (Dr. Bertagnoli's stateside contact) who loaded them into my chart. After about two weeks of correspondence my surgery was scheduled for May 27th, 2011.

From the minute we walked into the hospital in Bogen our experience was fantastic. The staff of doctors and nurses (Dr Bertagnoli, Dr. Nickl, Dr. Fenk-Mayer were all gracious and welcoming). I expected a technically sound staff and was pleasantly surprised how warm, caring and funny everyone was. The entire staff speak fantastic English and made my wife and I feel at home immediately. I was enrolled into the hospital on Thursday, had surgery on Friday, was up and walking on Saturday and discharged the following Wednesday.

My wife and I spent 10 days recuperating in Straubing. We met three other wonderful American couples who were all patients of Dr. Bertagnoli. Sharing our stories and walking through the process with them was an unexpected bonus. We remain in contact with all of these people today!

I'm 4 months post surgery and I'm nearly fully recovered. I’ve reduced my pain medication by 85%, and most importantly I can play with my wife and children and share life with them again. I truly cannot thank Dr. Bertagnoli and his entire staff (Peter the driver included!) for a fantastic experience and for giving me my life back!!! This experience was 10 out of 10!!!

Best Personal Regards,

Mark McVey
Dallas, Texas