7 Years After 5 Levels

Dr. Bertagnoli gave me back my life. I was completely unable to work yet the surgery I needed was both complicated and extensive. When I heard about Dr. Bertagnoli I mentioned him to some of my doctors in New York City (I'm a doctor myself) and 2 of them encouraged me to go to him - their feeling was that he is the best there is and has access to devices not available in the U.S.. Well, Dr. Bertagnoli performed a 17 hour surgery over two days completely rebuilding most of my spine. I had lost 2 inches in height that I got back and had a straight spine with the perfect lumbar curve! When I returned to the U.S. my doctors were amazed and impressed at what Dr. Bertagnoli had so skillfully done. I'm now able to do many things that I couldn't do before. I consider myself so lucky and will forever be grateful to Dr. Bertagnoli.

Peter Gardner MD, Surgeon