Erik the Army Ranger

My experience with Dr. Bertagnoli's staff was exceptional. My condition less than 1 month (27 days) post-surgery is something unheard of. Being an former Airborne Ranger currently working in Afghanistan to help Afghan soldiers take over the protection and security of their own country now 2 1/2 years, I wanted to have less back pain and pain free mobility, my decision to use Dr. Bertagnoli's with his exceptional experience, surgical and technical competence was a well-founded decision based on my current state of well-being.

My only regret is the American health care system to include Tri-care, and Aetna Global would not pay for my care and I had to pay for it myself. I am still working to Have the Veteran's Administration pay for it so I am still hoping that a condition received and suffered in pain for many, many years from my service to my country would one day be covered by the country I love.

Pro-Spine's Staff worked very hard to lower the cost to me and yet I was treated exceptionally well, with a respect, kindness and dedication not often found in today’s health care world in the United States. My entire experience with the exception of never having met my Surgeon Dr. Bertagnoli post-surgery was wonderful and relaxing in that I felt in such competent hands and well cared for. The missing Dr. Bertagnoli actually was inconsequential considering the outstanding technical and competent care I received from him in the Operating Suite. He additionally worked very hard to fit me into his schedule which was necessary to assist me in my post recovery and return to work plans.

His Colleague and a member of the surgical team, Dr. Fenk-Meyer and others were outstanding and more than capable of my post-operative care needs and recovery explanation briefings, additionally the Physical Therapist Mr. Rochus was exceptional and very knowledgeable and competent and kind to me. I would recommend Pro-Spine and Dr. Bertagnoli for any one from any part of the world in need of ADR. My thanks to Dr. Bertagnoli and Dr. Fenk-Meyer, additionally another outstanding team member, Manuela Kiefl, was exceptional and very competent and beautiful, she worked very hard to lower my surgery and hospital costs. Mrs. Renate Hien another Beautiful member of the Doctor’s staff was outstanding in every way, her competence, dedication, kindness and exceptional concern for my well-being was a very important part of my recovery, she made me laugh and she shored up my misgiving pre-surgery as well, making me realize all the tough and dangerous things I had subjected myself to over the years in my military career and that I was in very good hands with Doctor Bertagnoli and the surgery would go through without any problems which was the case in every way.

My appreciation and warmest thanks to Doctor Bertagnoli, his surgical team and the exceptional members of the entire Pro-Spine team.

Erik USA Retired "Rangers Lead The Way"

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