Artificial Disc Replacement - 13 years After

Today is a huge anniversary in my life. 13 years ago today, my life was changed for the better. 13 years ago we checked into a hospital in Straubing, Germany for me to have spine surgery. We specifically traveled there for my surgery. This was a tiny, quaint town with a phenomenal spine surgeon who could do amazing things. After being denied in the U.S. FDA Trial for Artificial Disc Replacement, I was referred to Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli in Germany.
After much research and a continued decline of health, constant pain, and being bedridden for months, we pulled the trigger and made the decision to do it. One of the most important decisions we have ever made. This man not only gave me back a life I had lost, he gave me so much more..
I am 100% recovered from surgery and the deficits and pain that I had. In fact, most who know me, may not have ever known that I had two discs in my lumbar spine replaced with artificial ones. I struggle to find the words to express how I’m feeling today. I’m truly grateful. And so amazingly blessed.
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ADR 13 Years After