Michael Walker MD

Dear Dr. Fenk-Mayer,

I would like to thank you again for everything you and Dr. Bertagnoli, as well as the rest of your colleagues, have done for me. The care that I received in Bogen was second to none, and I can’t think of anything that I would change. Would you please thank everyone who was involved with my care at the hospital? I was surprised at how well they all seemed to speak English.

We found your web site very helpful, and it was easy to communicate and set things up for our trip to Germany. Tim Vicknair was very helpful in planning our trip and he answered all of our questions that came up. Peter Hoch was a delight as our driver, and he seemed to really enjoy showing us the countryside. I knew I was in good hands when Dr. Masyk, the anesthesiologist, came by before surgery.

My wife and really enjoyed the week or so we spent in Straubing after surgery, especially with all the Christmas market stands in the center of town. The hotel Theresientor there was wonderful.

My neck seems to be getting stronger every day. It has been less than four weeks since the surgery, and my neck gets tired and a little sore easily, but I know that is normal for this stage, and it is steadily improving.

If you would like to use my name for reference or testimonial purposes, that is fine with me. I think it is hard for many Americans, especially if they are not in the medical field, to get the information they need to make the correct decision of who should do their surgery and where they should go for it. Perhaps they would like to know why Doctors like me choose Pro Spine. I am in the process of putting my surgery story on the ADR support web site where I first found out about you, in the hope that others in my situation will be encouraged to contact you.

I hope I don’t need any more neck surgery, but you will be hearing from me if I do! Thanks again for everything.

Your friend and patient,

Michael E. Walker M.D.

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