Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's CV/Resume,

Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli's distinguished career path is listed below. We encourage all potential patient's to review it.


1980 - 1984 Medical School of the University of Vienna - Vienna, Austria

1984 - 1985 Resident, Institute of Anatomy, University of Vienna (Director: Prof.Dr.W.Firbas) Vienna, Austria

1985 - 1985 Resident, Dept. of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Emergency Hospital Lorenz Böhler (Director: Prof. Dr. J. Poigenfürst) Vienna, Austria

1985 - 1986 Resident, Dept. of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Emergency Hospital (Director: Dr. med. univ. R. Streli) Linz, Austria

1987 - 1987 Resident, German Center for Spine Surgery (Director: Dr. med. K. Zielke) Bad Wildungen, Germany

Medical Posts

1987 - 1989 Supervising Surgeon, German Center for Spine Surgery (Director: Dr. med. K. Zielke) Bad Wildungen, Germany

1989 - 1994 Assistant Professor, Chief of Spinal Department, Orthopedic Univ. Hospital, Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany. (Director: Prof. Dr. H.G. Willert)

1994 – 2004 Orthopedic Consultant St. Elisabeth Clinic, Orthopeadic Associates (OGP Dres. Ebner, Fett, Eichhorn, Strobel, Bertagnoli) Straubing, Germany

1994 - Department Head of Spine Center St.Elisabeth Clinic, Straubing/Bogen, Germany

1994 - Department Head of St. Wolfgang Spine Center, St. Wolfgang Clinic Bad Griesbach, Germany

1994 - Department Head of Spine Unit at Johannesbad Clinic Bad Füssing - Bad Füssing, Germany

2005 - Chief Executive Officer Pro Spine (First European Center for Spine Arthroplasty and Associated Non Fusion Technologies (ECSA)) Straubing/Bogen, Germany

with the following facilities:

  • Specialized departments for Conservative and Operative Spine Therapy at St. Elisabeth Klinikum Straubing and KKH Bogen, Germany until 2011
  • Department for Conservative Spine Therapy and Pain Therapy at Johannesbad Klinik Bad Füssing, Germany andSt.-Wolfgang Klinik Bad Griesbach, Germany
  • Outpatient Clinic, Center of excellence with direct affiliation to KKH Hospital Bogen, Germany
  • Outpatient Clinic for Invasive Pain Therapy at KKH Hospital Bogen, Germany
  • Scientific Department “Medical Consulting” ProSpine, Bogen, Germany
  • Alpha Klinik - Spine Department - Dr. Horst Dekkers Munich, Germany until 2009

Memberships in Professional Organizations

  • SAS - Spine Arthroplasty Society: President 2004 /2005, Founding Member, Board Member, Member of Past President Board
  • SEN - Spine Evolution Nucleus Europe e.V.: President
  • ISMISS - International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery: German Representative
  • IMAST - International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques: Faculty Member
  • Orthopedics Today International: Editorial Advisory Board Member
  • NASS - North American Spine Society: Member
  • SSE - Spine Society of Europe: Member
  • AOSpine International: Member
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wirbelsäulenchirurgie e.V.: Member
  • Deutscher Orthopäden - Verband e.V.: Member
  • Berufsverband der Fachärzte für Orthopädie e.V.: Member
  • GICD - Europe: Groupe International Cotrel - Dubousset: Member
  • SSI - Swiss Spine Institute: Member