In General

Even with the low cost of medicine in Germany, we realize that the expense of surgery is high for most people. We are often asked if we finance the surgery. Unfortunately, we have no means to do this. If friends and family are not a resource, perhaps the patient owns a home with equity. If so, then the best solution is to get a line of credit against that home. Home re-financing is expensive and is usually not the best way. Also, borrowing against retirement is possible for many, but early withdrawal is expensive. For the best individual advice, please ask a certified financial counselor.

Legal Financing

If you are expecting the settlement of a lawsuit or a workman's comp claim, which pays directly to the injured party, it is possible to receive a pre-settlement payout. There are many firms, who do this kind of work. Here is one of the firms familiar with our work.

Daniel Ciancio Surgical Funding Specialist at Pegasus
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