31 Joern Richter, Roger Berger, Rudolf Bertagnoli: Holder for implantation and extraction of prosthesis. Synthes Usa December 2011: US 20110301612

Disclosed is an implant holder for an implant device comprising a locking mechanism that in a first position causes a clamp coupled to an implant device to lock such that the clamp cannot be decoupled from the implant device, and in a second position causes the clamp to unlock the implant device.

32 Rudolf Bertagnoli, Steve Nowak, Daniel K Farley: Retractor System for Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery. August 2011: US 20110201897

A retractor system includes a retractor blade that is securable to a portion of a patient's anatomy during a surgical procedure. The retractor system includes a manipulator that is releasably securable to the retractor blade for positioning and securing the retractor blade.

33 Theirry Marnay, Rudolf Bertagnoli, Frank Magee, Stephan Eckhof: Intervertebral Implant, Insertion Tool and Method of Inserting Same. May 2012: US 20120109316

An intervertebral implant, alone and in combination with an insertion tool for inserting same and a method for inserting same. The implant has upper and lower parts which have universal movement relative to each other.

34 Rudolf Bertagnoli: Movable Intervertebral Disc Prosthesis. April 2010: US 20100094427 A movable intervertebral disc prosthesis having a pivot point and adapted to be implanted between vertebra bodies to form a vertebrae segment. In an implanted state three-dimensional movement axes of the vertebrae segment intersect in the pivot point.

35 Rudolf Bertagnoli, Steve Nowak, Christopher T Martin, Daniel K Farley, Josh Delickta: Hinged Retractor With Sheath. November 2009: US 20090275804

A hinged retractor includes a distal portion adapted to be located inside the body of a patient during a surgical procedure and a proximal portion adapted to be closer to the surgeon during a surgical procedure. The hinged retractor includes a first side including a first blade.

36 Rudolf Bertagnoli: Method for accessing a spinal facet joint. November 2009: US 20090287262

A minimally invasive method for accessing a facet joint of the spine is provided. Embodiments of the method include creating a small incision directly over the facet joint and to allow direct access and visualization of the joint.

Please note that as with all inventors Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli and his copatentees may receive royalties on these inventions for an undetermined length of time. The patent system in Europe and the United States has been around for several hundred years and has been used as a method of advancing science and industry.