Artificial Disc Revision Surgery

Modern Artificial Disc Replacement began in Germany in the mid 1980s. Since the first successful surgery, the concept has been proven, the devices and surgical technique have been improved, and there has been a rush by device companies and surgeons to get into field, which many believe will exceed the success of knee and hip replacements, the two most common orthopedic surgeries in the world.

The unfortunate consequence of this rush is not all the surgeons, who have taken up this surgery are well-trained, and not all of the devices developed are proving to have a long life or to be good for other structures in the spine. Further misfortune strikes patients with failed artificial disc replacement surgery, as many times their surgeon will no longer see them after a bad surgery, even if the surgeon lives next door.

Fortunately for these patients, Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli will take most of these cases. In most cases he can replace the failed or misplaced artificial disc. But in some severe cases, where there is too much damage, he will have to fuse over the artificial disc.

It is important to note that these are difficult cases and success rates are lower for these cases then completely new cases, but if the patient’s case is accepted by the professor, success is expected in the large majority of cases.