Coflex Implant

Coflex™ (formerly Intraspinous U) device represents an advanced in posterior spinal decompression. It provides segmental spinal dynamic stabilization without the use of pedicle screws, thus preserving pedicle tissue and avoiding the risk of pedicle screw implantation. Because of its shape, it has more contact surface, giving it a distinct advantage over other interpsinous/interlamninar decompression devices.

The Coflex ™ implant is used in the treatment of moderate to severe spinal canal stenosis with spinal instability, and currently is FDA-approved . Coflex™ has received the EU's CE mark, which permits its implantation in the EU. Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli is well-experienced with implantation the Coflex ™.

Coflex two levels

An artist rendition of a two level Coflex implant

Coflex Interspinous Device

An artist rendition of a Coflex-F, used to stabilize fusions