Back Pain By Other Causes

Back pain does not always have to have the origin through the structures of the spinal column such as ligaments, muscles, spinal cord or nerves. Apart from deterioration of shoulder and hip joint (mentioned earlier), causes of back pain can also be internal diseases. In these cases other causes exist, which can be judged as more or less severe.

It is possible that back pain is perceived much stronger than the origin of the cause. And the reverse is also true, back pain cannot be excluded as the origin to other organs, because back pain radiates to other organs. Therefore spinal and an internal disease can influence each other in feedback loop causing more pain.

In any case a doctor has to be informed about all complications including psychological ones. In such a condition the patient should be urged to see the appropriate physician such as a gynecologist, urologist, internal specialist, or an orthopedist. This is also relevant vice versa, after consulting a orthopedist one should see gynecologist, urologist and internal specialist.

Pneumonia causes typically acute complications like weakness, loss of appetite and stabbing back pain at the thoracic level to the degree that consultation with a medical doctor is necessary. This also should be done when a long cold is the problem to avoid permanent lung damage.

Tuberculosis of the lung has become rare. Early signs are loss of appetite, loss of weight, raised temperature and susceptibility for colds. In a progressed state back pain, coughing and sputum is present. A slow progressing tuberculosis, which is not treated, consequently may affect bones, joints and also the spine. When tuberculosis is suspected, a rapid medical response is important. Modern medication can heal the disease.

Problems with the heart are often associated with pain in the left chest that radiate into left shoulder and arm. Mostly the heart problems dominate but it is possible that recurring slight dragging pain in the left shoulder are a sign for an impending heart attack. Patients, which are to have suffered a sudden heart attack, admitted after inquiry that they ignored the discomfort in the left shoulder-arm area. At the slightest suspicion of a heart a specialist should be consulted.

Digestive tract i.e. stomach, bowel, liver, gall bladder and pancreas may cause in many diseases, apart for their specific problems, back pain. For instance constipation, misuse of laxatives, flatulence, inflammation of gallbladder and liver or pancreas may be accompanied by back pain.

Kidney problems< caused by inflammation or renal calculi, cause dull back pain in the lumbar region. The renal area of the back may be sensitive for palpitation. If a renal calculi or stones leave the kidney and they are obstructed, wave like and descending cramps are experienced in the back. A doctor has to be consulted.

Tumors and metastases are frequently associated with the spinal column. There is a difference between malign and benign tumors, the latter have to be treated only in rare cases. Metastases are spread from a tumor from one organ to another and are dangerous in principle. Continuous, strong and increasing pain in the spinal region and/ or other bones should always be examined with a X-ray to exclude a tumor.