The expected mother experiences increased blood perfusion and more water deposited in all tissues especially in the underbelly and hips. The increased water content makes the ligaments of the spine loose. This is necessary for the widening of the hip during parturition (birth). This loosening can cause back pain especially when standing or sitting over a long period of time. Sciatic pain develops when discs bulge.

Resting, warmth (never heat) and relaxation are enjoyable and should be used as the first step to pain relief.

To compensate for the weight of the baby and the resulting shift in balance points pregnant mothers automatically makes for a sway back, which increases the discomfort.

Special exercises for pregnant women reduces the discomfort by strengthening the muscles and compensates for the loose ligaments. If severe back pain persists a gynecologist should be consulted. After parturition exercise should be performed to strengthen the dilated muscles of belly and back. This will rehabilitate the swayed back. Taking care of the baby requires a lot of standing, lifting, carrying, bending which makes the back sensitive. Back pain can be avoided by :

  • Having a child’s bed with an adjustable height to prevent unnecessary deep forward bending
  • The diaper changing table should have an appropriate working height. This can be achieved by wood blocks under the table.
  • When bathing the child the height must be also appropriate.
  • The mother should attempt to relax and rest, when the baby sleeps.