Autofusion of the Spine

A natural reaction to age related instability of the spine is that the edges of the vertebrae will develop growths by calcification of the ligaments, which results in gradual grow of adjacent vertebrae towards the each other and eventually in rare cases, the two vertebrae fuse. This is nature's way to stabilize the spinal column. However, mobility is gradually reduced, the more these bony bridges get harder. This reduced mobility results in weaker muscles.

The fused segments of the spine will only cause a little pain, but the process of auto-fusion can be very painful. Also, the remaining mobile and also degenerated adjacent segments have to carry more load, which will cause them to degenerate more rapidly and become more sensitive to pain. The ossification is called osteochondrosis.

In old age it is not only the spine which degenerates. Many older people suffer from several age related complications often accompanied by mental stress. These complications are called comorbidities, when dealing with severe conditions. One should try to delay stiffening of the spine, by suitable motion and activity, such as walking, swimming or other exercises. It is recommend to go to spas annually, even when it is expensive.