Prevention of Osteoporosis

  • Reduce or avoid being overweight and keep normal weight
  • Food rich in fibers, protein and calcium like wholewheat bread, milk, milk products, lean cheese and fruits. Be aware that a liter milk contains many calories
  • Bones are helped by exercise. Hiking, power walking, swimming, calisthenics and a special osteoporosis gymnastics are beneficial
  • Pain medication should consists of non steroidal drugs based on acetylsalicyclic acid with no cortisone based drugs, which accelerate bone reduction
  • When affected not only lying but also getting up and walking to oppose the bode reduction
  • Prophylactic hormone medication is recommended after a consultation of a gynecologist
  • Hormones themselves also are useful during menopause when osteoporosis is identified or when the ovaries have been removed before the menopause. These drugs should be estrogen plus gestagen as estrogen alone promotes uterus cancer
  • The exact therapy is designed by the treating gynecologist