Is Work Dangerous?

  • Muscles, tendons and ligaments of the spinal column would wither without use. The human is not created for permanent rest and inactivity, especially not for hour long sitting (for your job, driving, television). Work is not injurious, but work processes are injurious.
  • Every job has a posture or movement, which can become injurious, if it is carried out daily for hours without relaxing countermeasures. Change is important. For example running, lying, sitting, walking, carrying, bowing bending stretching, calisthenics should be performed at the job, for a healthy spinal column (see Isometrics).
  • Correct body posture and varied sports activities during childhood and youth create important prerequisites for the loading capacity of the spinal column. At the same time it is important, for the parents to set an example of correct posture for the their children to model.
  • Extended psychological traumas lead to posture injuries. During all of one’s life, one needs recognition, care and the experiences of success in his work life and relationships. Otherwise, he will drop his head and possibly slouch.
  • Activities must be adapted to the one's own needs and wishes. This is not always possible due to the demands of professional duties. Therefore, everyone must seek one’s own balancing activities for one’s own activities.