Back Pain: Typically Female?

Some back pain, which frequently occurs in females, can have their origin in the female sexual organs. Uterus and ovaries are supplied by nerves that emerge from the sacrum.

Back pain often occurs in the first days of menstruation and later in the menopause frequently accompanied by pain in the underbelly. This is a problem for the gynecologist. If pain persists or repeats with an inflammation, a tumor or a displacement of the uterus is a possibility. However, if all results are are negative for gynecological sources of pain, a orthopedist should look for possible causes of the pain in the spine.

If all physical testing have negative results then sorrow, fear, problems in partnership or excessive demands may be the cause of the discomfort.

Pain in the thoracic spine may occur in women with large breasts. The weight stresses the muscles of the back and muscle hardening can occur.

Women that had a mastectomy due to cancer occasionally suffer from psychic pain in the thoracic spine. Help comes from gynecologist and psychologist. For some, joining a support group may be helpful.