Chronic Inflammation of the Joint

In medical terms chronic inflammation of the joint is called chronic polyarthritis. This condition develops gradually or in some cases suddenly. Cervical spine, shoulder-arm joints, hand, finger and leg joints are affected, but not always in all of the these joints, but always some of these joints.

The first signs are getting tired quickly or stiffness in the morning. Good observers may also discover swelling of joints of the fingers or feet in the morning. Another hint is an increasing motor sensitivity. The condition is perceived more intense at changes of weather, moisture, rain, fog wind and cold. The interest in motion is reduced. Month later pain appears that wanders from one joint to the next.

Gradually the pain manifests in certain joints, mostly the fingers and hands followed by arms and shoulders. Also in the cervical spine it begins with discomfort ending in pain. The large and small leg joints hurt with the pain radiating in the lower regions of the spine. The affected joints are swollen as the joint itself releases more liquid.

Days or weeks of severe discomfort are followed by less severe periods. But these severe periods are not a real relief. The chronic polyarthritis does not heal alone or with the aid of drugs or physical treatment. Following surges of pain are more painful than previous ones. However, there are numerous medical possibilities that can reduce pain and inflammation and delay an inflammation when directions are followed correctly.

If the condition progresses destruction of the joint or malposition can occur, most frequently the hands and feet are affected. In very severe cases a joint replacement or a fusion of the joint make sense. But this is an extreme cases, mostly the chronic polyarthritis remains on a level that can be endured or is limited by medical treatment.

The earlier the patient consults a specialist for rheumatology, the better are the chances to stop the chronic polyarthritis in an early stage.

Apart from pharmacological treatment with nonsteroidal antirheumatics, cortisone, gold preparations, chemotherapeutics, physiotherapy; warm and cold therapies, medical bathes and water gymnastics are used. Also, in use is holistic treatment with oxygen, injections with organ extracts, acupuncture and other homeopathic treatment. In addition, self treatment may help.

The origin of chronic polyarthritis is not completely understood. But it is clear that it is a errant reaction of the immune system, directed against substances in the joints, which are produced naturally in the body. People, who have parents or brothers and sisters with inflammatory rheumatism are more likely to develop the condition. Women are affected 2 to 3 times more than men, either before the age of 30 or after 45.