The Oblique ADR

Synthes makes a Prodisc-O, the oblique version of the Prodisc-L for the lumbar spine. This special version of the Prodisc-L is for cases, where the patient has vascular issues, which would prevent or make risky a direct ventral approach.

Patients, who have had prior abdominal surgery with consequential scar tissue, may benefit from this surgical technique and device, because scar tissue can compromise exiting structures. Statistically, vascular issues exist in approximately 60 percent of all ADR revision patients. This is because the aortic artery and vena cava vein, which are near the spine, may adhere to structures after the initial ADR surgery. (Dr. Bertagnoli prevents such adherence in his surgeries by implanting a barrier between the spine and these circulatory components. This technique is not available in the US and is small part of the superior surgical practices of Dr. Bertagnoli.) By using an oblique approach, which is made possible by the Prodisc-O, sensitive circulatory structures are avoided. The Prodisc-O is also not available in the US.