These are the current guideline for entry into Germany and hospital admissions during the COVID pandemic. However, due to new hospital bed constraints, we are now scheduling

Upon completion of the online evaluation, payment and agreement on the date of surgery, Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli’s office will send the patient an Invitation Letter upon request from the patient. This Invitation letter should be presented to the authorities at the Munich airport for admission to the country.

1. The patient must bring a new negative corona-screening (max. 4 days old) to the clinic. This may also be a local airport/airline requirement in some areas of the world. The MUC airport offers free testing. The results are expected within 24 hours, but of course we cannot guarantee that. Relying on testing at the Munich airport will mean an even earlier arrival in Germany.
2. It is necessary and important that the patient wear a mask during all traveling.
3. Foreign patients must arrive in Bogen on Wednesday morning at the latest to take another COVID test. This test is necessary for admission to the hospital. It must be negative. With a negative corona-screening surgery the patient can be admitted on Monday.
4. Social distancing and staying in the hotel or Pension Schreiber are strongly urged. Please limit time outside to the most necessary social contacts (e.g. buy food)
5. The hotels / Pension Schreiber serve breakfast and takeout food and grocery stores are available.(wear a mask during the whole time outside of the hotel)
6. The patient will be given a diary for daily activities, which will be given to admissions.

With the Letter of Medical Necessity, it should not be a problem entering Germany at the MUC airport. Free COVID tests are available at the airport, but should not be necessary. Self-quarantine for two weeks is expected. The patient and their traveling partner will meet the quarantine requirements with their stay in the hotel and hospital.

We have seen different issues with boarding the plane in the US, particularly American Airlines. We are recommending Icelandic Air or Lufthansa for that reason. Some patients report that they gate attendant wanted a letter from the German consulate or embassy. We know of no such requirement by the government. But to be on the safe perhaps the patient should seek this.